St. Samuel’s International Academy for Boys was established more than thirty years ago by the world famous pedagogue and humanitarian Professor Ben Dover whose interest in boys’ education and development stretched back many years.

From its very beginning, St Samuel’s had a dual focus.

On the one hand it was to offer a second chance to boys who had failed to make the most of their opportunities at high school level and who had, in consequence, failed to achieve the grades necessary to enroll at college. As a result, St Samuel’s only admits students of 18 years of age but we can assure parents that, if their sons stay with us for either our one year or two year courses, they will go on to achieve their goals.

Dr Dover’s philosophy was that only a major environmental change would offer such boys a final attempt at fulfilling their academic potential. Hence St Samuel’s offers a strict, disciplined and focused regime where nothing less than the highest academic effort and achievement is tolerated and where all the distractions of home and contemporary youth culture are removed. We are, indeed, extremely proud that the environment at St Samuel’s has frequently been described as strict.

Professor Dover’s studies of Ancient Greek culture, art and society made him a passionate advocate of the value of sport and physical education in developing boys into rounded and well developed young men. He therefore established at the outset that St Samuel’s was to offer pioneering educational programs and a wide range of sports scholarships to physically talented but underprivileged boys.

Professor Dover also developed a groundbreaking Sponsorship scheme, allowing individual supporters to contribute to boys’ tuition and boarding expenses and the further development of the St Samuel’s network.

The St. Samuel’s network of academies currently operates in Riga, Latvia, and in Bogota, Colombia. While each branch imparts its own individual flavor and emphasis to our founder’s philosophy, both subscribe wholeheartedly to his guiding ethos as laid down in the motto by which all our teachers and pupils try to live: Pueris inoptibus manus utilis -
a helping hand to boys in need.